Getting Started!


We’re underway!

We received word at the end of March that this project has been funded. Since then, we’ve been doing the administrative work to get the project up and running - figuring out how to advertise for students, how to enable those students to study at Stockholm for a term or two, setting up the public face of this project, figuring out the internals of the research accounting system.

We also took advantage of the experience of writing this proposal to run a small experiment in using Tensorflow on our previous corpus (Huffer & Graham 2017) of Instagram materials. We wrote that up for the Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology and submitted it around the same time as we submitted the proposal. This was accepted with revisions, and is now in the pipeline. We hope to see it come out shortly. That paper was also the nucleus for a paper at the Society for American Archaeology conference this April in Washington DC. We also presented a related paper, drawing on Damien’s postdoctoral work- Huffer and Graham, Bioarchaeological Approaches to Investigating Supply, Demand and Authenticity in the Colonial-era Human Remains Trade.

I guess this all means: we’re hitting the ground running!