When This Project Ends

When this project reaches its conclusion, this website will no longer be updated. It will remain online here on Github for as long as Github allows us to host it here. We will also feed the url into the Internet Archive periodically to enable snapshots of the site and project there. We will create a web archive file for the site (for more on web archives, see the Web Archive Research Group).

Our code, cleaned/anonymized data, articles, and the materials on this site will be deposited in Zenodo.org with appropriate DOIs.

Each journal article will have its own research compendium attached, to promote replicability and reproducibility of our research (see Marwick et al 2017, ‘Open Science and Archaeology’ SAA Archaeological Record)

Our shared Zotero library may be viewed at https://www.zotero.org/groups/2174147/bonetrade-project.