Principle Investigators

Shawn Graham

Graham is an archaeologist who is currently Associate Professor of Digital Humanities in the History Department at Carleton University. With Ian Milligan and Scott Weingart, he is the author of ‘Exploring Historical Big Data: The ‘Historian’s Macroscope’ (2015). He has written a number of tutorials for The Programming Historian and his research blog (e.g., 2016b) on different computational techniques for both analysis and representation of historical data. He is founder and editor of Epoiesen: A Journal for Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology and is currently building the Open Digital Archaeology Textbook (or ODATE), which will serve as a living resource of how to do digital archaeology in a way that “encourages innovative, reflective, and critical use of open access data and the development of digital tools that facilitate linkages and analysis across varied digital sources”.

Damien Huffer

Huffer is a human bioarchaeologist and osteologist by training. His postdoctoral work incorporates the collection of photographic and osteological data from ‘trophy skull’ assemblages (primarily Bornean Dayak and W. Papuan peoples) held in Swedish, US, and UK museums. He is a recognized authority on the osteological aspects of the trade in human remains.

Graduate Students

This project will feature prominently the work of our graduate students.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students will also have the opportunity to work on aspects of this project as part of their course work, and will be recognized here.


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